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FTL Foundry Equipment Limited in

FTL Foundry Equipment Limited
FTL have been established for nearly 50 years and have built up an impressive reference of prestige customers and installations worldwide, the majority of customers having placed numerous repeat orders with FTL over the years. FTL Foundry Equipment is the UK's No.1 Supplier of Green Sand Moulding and Mixing Equipment, Chemically Bonded Moulding Equipment, Mixing and Reclamation Equipment and Cupola Melting Equipment. FTLís high intensity sand mixers and moisture control form the heart of itís range of automated green sand preparation plants, ranging from 20-100tph. FTLís MoldMaster - automatic high pressure moulding machines, provides an answer for volume casting production requirements, being particularly suitable for deep moulds and large box sizes. Cupola melting, pouring and electric furnace vibratory feeders are a specialty of FTL, vibratory feeders for sand and casting feeding using shuffle type conveyors for moving castings in the fettling area with low noise levels. Since 2000 FTL has completed numerous moulding plants including moulding loops, shuttle systems, replicast and lost foam with mould sizes ranging from 1000 x 1000 up to 3500 x 2500 and 8 tonne capacity.

FTL Foundry Equipment Limited
Willenhall West Midlands
United Kingdom

Contact : John Griffiths
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