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U. S. Titanium Industry Inc. in

U. S. Titanium Industry Inc.
U. S. Titanium Industry Inc.
U.S. Titanium is a professional manufacturer and supplier located in the United States, who can provide products such as titanium & titanium alloy, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, hafnium and other high performance metals. U.S. Titanium can customize products to suit clients' needs. Based on our years of experiences, we provide great quality products at a competitive price. We professionally serve from small to large scale projects for our clients, such as developing plans, controlling the cost, preparing raw materials, inspecting the quality and shipping of finished products etc. We will be responsible for the entire process of the project and provide solutions for our client's requirements. What Do We Do? U.S. Titanium is committed to supplying premium titanium materials for international customers. In addition U.S. Titanium has developed strong strategic partnerships with globally renowned enterprises in the titanium industry. U.S. Titanium has incomparable advantages to control the quality with timely delivery at unlimited volume. U.S. Titanium has advanced technology in the titanium industry. We directly control the entire producing process of titanium tube, titanium clad steel plate, titanium tube sheet etc., which can be used on pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other large equipment. We monitor the process from the melting of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. U.S. Titanium founders are former management team members from global renowned titanium industry enterprises. U.S. Titaniumís has fully developed supply chain, research facilities and subsidiaries to make sure every order will be taken care of properly. U.S. Titanium melts and refines first class titanium sponge to ingot and slab, we also supply finished products to the end user.

U. S. Titanium Industry Inc.
Monrovia California

Contact : William Stevenson
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